Essay On Tracking Tow Trucks

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3 benefits of tracking tow trucks
One of the most irritating experiences that any vehicle owner encounters is the breakdown of the vehicle. The worst part of it is the breakdown can happen anywhere and anytime. Towing trucks are the saviours of those hours. Towing trucks are supposed to help up irrespective of the place and condition of the broken down vehicle. For a vehicle owner, it means a lot more than mere towing away from the stranded place.
Bringing the stranded vehicle to the nearest auto garage is often a Herculean task for the vehicle owners, but not for the towing trucks. GPS enabled tow trucks offer added advantages in finding the exact location of the breakdown and charting out the best optimal route to the garage for towing. …show more content…

Also tow trucks often find it hard to tow away partially damaged vehicles through narrow alleys and roads. Busy traffic is also hindrance for towing. With a vehicle tracking system enabled with fleet management software, it is easier for the tow truck drivers to plan the route of towing ahead. As a tow truck fleet manager, you can also calculate the time needed for despatching the towing vehicle.
2. GPS based fleet management systems helps in scheduling and maintenance of tow trucks.
Advanced software features now allow the GPS enabled tow truck owners to schedule the routes and services and keep maintenance records with details such as fuel usage, breakdown history etc. Fleet managers can also monitor driver behavioural patterns. Offensive and dangerous driving practices such as over speeding, idling away, unsafe driving, sudden lane changes, changing planned routes, etc. can be monitored in real time and action taken appropriately to correct.
Furthermore, you can also calculate the ideal time required for the tow truck to reach the site and communicate the same to the customer. A lot of anxiety and stress can be avoided by simply providing the accurate time for pick up. This will surely help you to maintain your company’s reputation in the good books of the local community which you

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