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ABSTRACT: The objective of this study is to analyse human motion during Trikonasana from a kinematic and inverse dynamic human model and computational biomechanical solver, LifeMOD[1]. Low cost Inertial sensors(IMU) were used to obtain segment parameters for Trikonasana. Trikonasana is one of the important postures(asana) practised in yoga. Trikonasana has to be performed with perfection to obtain maximum benefits, which can be quantified by its symmetry, grace and consistency[2]. This study helps to determine torque, angular velocity and angular acceleration at hip joint and shoulder joint using a mathematical model. These kinematic parameters obtained from the mathematical model for Trikonasana are validated from the inverse …show more content…

The kinematic model has three degrees of freedom in segment angles ፀ . Both the arms are assumed to be at the same angle as the postures involve symmetry of the arms in trikonasana . But the model can be easily extended to include independent arm motions. The three segments are assumed to be rigid bodies with their mass concentrated at their center of mass. The different segment lengths, masses, center of mass locations and moment of inertia are obtained from anthropometric data. The Joints possess rotational stiffness and frictional damping. Lagrange’s method was used to mathematically model the posture. The equation of motion are derived using the Lagrangian equation. ddt(∂L∂θi)-∂L∂θi=Qi where i =1,2,3… where Lagrangian L= K.E – P.E
Qi includes the generalized forces and torques on the system

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