Essay On Well Managed Learning Environment

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Nicole Palacios
Professor Sara Cooper
Writing 105
25 August 2017 While it is up to the student to make sure they keep up their grades and complete all their school work, a well-managed learning environment will motivate a student to do well, unlike an unwelcoming and unsafe one. This gives students who attend a healthy and safe school an academic advantage. Creating better programs and effective policies will improve student’s attitudes and performance in class.
The education we get in our early childhood is setting a base for us that will impact how well we learn in our adolescent years. Research shows that the earlier a child begins learning, the better they will do in school. The beginning of an individual’s education should be in …show more content…

This will negatively affect the teacher’s first years of being an educator when their own classroom management program isn’t teaching all the necessary methods. A teacher who has to improve classroom management methods will affect the students school experience as well. “Our intensive analysis of programs in which classroom management is addressed in multiple courses reveals far too great a degree of incoherence in what teacher candidates learn and what they are expected to do in PK-12 classroom settings” (National Council on Teacher Quality, Training our Future Teachers).
In Intersections a passage, “The Creative Gifts of ADHD”, that talks about students with ADHD being dismissed as disruptive and having behavioral issues. Researchers had tested regular student’s vs students with ADHD in a gifted program to see how they scored differently on different tests. While students with ADHD scored lower in working memory, they had scored higher on the creativity index. The article even states “The researchers found that students with ADHD characteristics (especially those who scored high in “inattention”) had lower working memory scores than the non-ADHD students, even though they did not differ in their fluid reasoning ability.” Students with ADHD shouldn’t be dismissed because they lack abilities in areas schools usually tend to focus on but should start

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