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The gun fires and everyone propels up from the ground. My friends are sprinting their lives out alongside me and jumping over blockades to reach our destination, the finish. If I had been with family, it would have been significantly harder. With the gang, it’s an easy jump, powered by the will inside of each of us teenagers. To my friends and I, this obstacle wasn’t a true blockade–it never cutted off our endless supply of friendship. This obstacle was, in fact, a hurdle. A challenge. Although we are all varsity hurdlers, racing each other without tripping over 33-inch high fences isn’t all that we do together. It is the commitment to each other that bonds us in unison, empowering us to be a better person. I mean that driving culture that …show more content…

Since my pals and I are pretty sure that there is no legal way to change who our maternal parents are, we have to find the perks in the respect your elders phrase. The main benefit is that if you respect your extended family, with over ten pairs of aunts and uncles, in which you treat as grandmas and grandpas, they get attached to you. This means that they give you money. If you count how many times you see an aunt every year, plus bonuses for holidays, such as Chinese New Year, the bills really add up well. All of my friends are entitled to at least the price of a pair of good track spikes each year for hurdles. The money shapes us and what we do–not to forget about how we act in front of people. If we weren’t given money, we probably wouldn’t even do track, because no Asian parent likes to spend money on things that are “unnecessary.” Speaking of this horrid word, our parents that gave birth to us want us to do what they did back in the day, in contrary to what our more distant relatives do. Read that piece of newspaper. Kill some fire ants out there. Catch a rabbit and cook it for dinner. Probably not the last one. That would be another reason why my friends and I resort to running the hurdles. The price of joining the track team is cheap enough so that we can do something other than sitting around and be bored. An Asian family might not be the best thing that the average teenager can have, but it’s better

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