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The author’s message for the NSC-68 document pertained to the Soviet Union wanting to gain power of the world and how the United States would be able to help defeat this challenge with the aid of other countries. After the collapse of the Ottoman, the Austro-Hungarian, German, Italian, Japanese, and the two major imperial systems, which were Britain and France. Now leave the United States and the Soviet Union to gain power. The author was trying to get a point across to the President to prepare the United States for war if unavoidable. Simultaneously, in order for the Kremlin not to gain power of the world, the United States would be required to build a friendship with the other countries. In the same way, to have freedom as well as …show more content…

Yes, this information does matter due to his expertise on military powers as well as high-quality negotiating skills which, helped avoid a nuclear war. Nitze wants to resolve the crisis without a nuclear war. George F. Kennan, the person who constituted the intended audience in 1947. The source is meant for one person, that person was the President of the United States. If the source had become public the Soviets would have gained power of the world. Also, the United States would be looked at as a country looking out for itself.

Careful reading of the text will tell you how detailed the document is. As well as, how the Kremlin is mainly about their power, plus atomic war and the United States being more interested in helping others. In addition the language works fine with who understands the situation at hand. Coupled with, the Nitze and its use of metaphors to show how the Soviet Union only seeks to rule the world to have authority over everyone. That is to say, Nitze describes how terrible the Soviet Union is, such as, how the Kremlin is mainly for themselves rather that helping others and only seek to gain power of the world. If anyone does not approve of their doing, they will simply rid of them. Nitze does not choose to go into detail about what would happen if the United States would have lost, for the reason that Nitze was positive that would not have happened. Its prescriptive telling what people thought should happen. By

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