Est1 Task 1 Essay

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EST1 Task #1
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EST 1 Task #1
Company Q is a corporation whose stakeholders have not placed a major emphasis on social responsibility, instead it appears that the primary focus is placed on profit. With their profits on the decline, they are shying away from opportunities to help their community. By placing a higher priority on social responsibility Company Q will have the opportunity to help the community through charitable donations, employee volunteer initiatives, and creating quality jobs for the persons who live in the community. At the same time, Company Q will can also improve their public image and potentially increase profit.
Charitable donations by Company Q have been
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Volunteering on teams will make the employees feel that they are a valuable part of what Company Q is doing to give back to the community. A model example of this behavior is that of Toms and their “One for One” campaign. “Toms’ employees participate in an annual Shoe Drop where they travel and donate a variety of goods to children. Their careers page specifically calls for employees that want to change lives and be a part of a movement” (Forman-Ortiz, 2013). If an employee feels that they are a valuable member of the company, the positive energy will most likely carry over to their day to day tasks. They will want to give good customer service and continue to help people. This aspect of social responsibility is a positive for the food bank, employees, customers from the community, and Company Q. If Company Q were able to offer jobs in the community it serves, then they are providing a vital resource to keep the community sustainable. “As long as a company behaves responsibly, making a profit—creating jobs, increasing wealth, enhancing the health of the economy—is the most socially responsible thing it can do” (McKee, 2012). By becoming visible in the community as a company that cares, the store is likely to build a base of loyal customers. This will help to increase profit and keep the jobs available. The ability to offer

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