Critical Ethical Issues in Today's Challenging Business Environment

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Position Paper Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to discuss an ethical issue from the business world that can impact the business operations, public image, and financial performance of an organization. In this paper, unethical marketing has been discussed as the most critical issue in today's challenging business environment. The discussion on this issue has been done in the light of some recent research studies and real life examples. The paper concludes by highlighting the major findings from the discussion. Introduction: Business organizations are not just supposed to strive for their profits and market share; the society also expects them to be socially and ethically conscious and responsible in their activities and business affairs. They have to manage their business operations in such a fashion that they do not bring any physical or ethical harmful impacts to the society (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 78). They have to maintain a sound track record of fair and ethical business practices throughout their life. Ethical marketing has become one of the most critical issues in the business world. It refers to the use of marketing and promotional activities that do not harm the norms, values, and beliefs of the members of the society in which the organization operates (Murphy & Laczniak, 56). Ethical marketing has a direct impact on an organization's public image and sustainability in the industry (Groucutt, Forsyth, & Leadley, 63). This position paper presents
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