Ethical Issues In Social Work

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Melissa is a young, Jewish, urban professional who grew up in a middle-class suburb in New York. Her dream of having a big wedding at her parents’ country club was about to finally come true. Melissa was more than enthusiastic and eager to have the wedding of her dreams come true with everything already planned, invitations sent out, her wedding dress selected, and bridesmaid dresses picked out she had everything she could dream of in her wedding. One thing that Melissa and her Fiancé planned to due right after their marriage was to start having children. Melissa felt that she wanted to go get a physical exam to make sure she was in good health to carry a child. The doctor suggested she get tested for HIV as he suggest for all is clients to …show more content…

In this case, the social worker would want to review Section One of the National Association of Social Workers, which is the section on the subject of privacy and confidentiality. Specifically, the social worker would want to examine Section 1.07, which addresses issues of disclosure in family therapy work. The Code makes clear provisions for handling the kind of situation presented by the case ensuring a clients’ private information can not be disclosed. This section could apply to Melissa since she would not like to disclose her HIV result to her Fiancé “Social Workers should respect clients’ right to privacy” (National Association of Social Workers’ Code of …show more content…

Canadian Medical Association. Journal182.12 (Sep 7, 2010): E573-4. Johnson Aziga, the first man in Canada to be convicted of murder for not disclosing that he was HIV positive in 2009. The fact that he had oral sex with a woman, even though she did not become infected which lead to an aggravated assault conviction for Johnson. When not disclosing your status to a partner it can lead from 10- life time in prison. Due to the fact that someone can lose their life it is against the law to not disclosed your HIV statue. Furthermore, this article relates to Melissa due to the fact that she did not want to let her partner know about her HIV statues is

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