Ethical Issues Of Marketing Field Of Australia

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Ethical Issues in Marketing Field of Australia
Introduction: Ethics is the principle of differentiating between right and wrong. In business and marketing process, a number of ethical issues are involved that may have a positive or negative impact on the company. The term Ethical marketing is not only a marketing strategy but also a philosophy. It encourages a company representative to be honest, fair, and responsible in all advertising. It also includes communication skill, leadership skill, teamwork and strong interpersonal skill which keeps a man away from any illegal or bad things.
Ethical Dilemma: Demand generation and demand fulfillment are two main business perspectives. To fulfill a demand generated in the market, operation, quality, sales, advertising, marketing, and other business activities are required. Marketing means offering. Some of the ethical issues like offering wrong product, telling a lie about the service, hiding the quality issues are several example of ethical dilemma in our daily marketing activities. Sound marketing ethics ensures positive or at least no negative customer feedback regarding the product or service of the company that they are selling or promoting (Carrigan and Attalla, 2001). The following figure demonstrates the organizational understanding of the ethical decisions:

Pricing strategy also plays an ethical dilemma in marketing. There are two types of strategies in marketing. (Vitell, S. J., & Hidalgo, E., 2006). One is called…
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