Ethics in International Environments Essays

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Ethics in International Environments

Global marketing opportunities usually form the pillar under which viability and profitability of international marketing depend upon. This merged with globalization of market today makes international marketing practices a concern globally that calls for moral responsibility (ethics) in conducting business (Danley, 1983). Ethics in international marketing poses many dilemmas and this is because value judgments differ among different cultures. What is fully accepted as right in one country is completely wrong in another country. Upon a close look of existing ethical frameworks, international marketers cannot fully depend on universal ethical norms like hyper norms. In spite of this,
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To resolve the stalemate, ethics plays a major role of harmonizing and reconciling the conflicting interests. In international marketing, ethics are necessary particular when a company is dealing with multiple conflicting legal and cultural expectation compliance. Even so, question arises on whether the company will obey the laws of it home or the less stringent law of the country in which it does business.
Conducting business internationally has presented various ethical challenges. It is clear that a company must have knowledge on behaviours that are acceptable and ethical standards within a given society. This places a marketer to recognize three key players in the market place which are the company, the industry, and society. These three groups have in most cases conflicting needs and wants and meeting these needs and wants by the marketer is often a challenge (Chonko, 1995).
Increased global awareness on corporate social responsibility has placed ethical issues as an integral part of managerial decision making in marketing. This decision making involves an acknowledgement of conflict arising from different culture. The marketers are expected to have an understanding of historical, cultural, political, and legal facts of a country they want to do business. This is because the facts affect the way people think, mingle and transact business.
Formulation of International Business Ethics
Studies have
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