Ethical Theories Covered : Utilitarianism, Kant 's Categorical Imperative

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Religion and Philosophy Assessment Item 9:C Applied Ethics
Social issue: Health services in Australia
Ethical theories covered: utilitarianism, Kant’s categorical imperative

Hello, Im Alice
The social issue I will be discussing is Abortion.

Ethics is important in our day-to-day lives. An ethical dilemma is presented when you have to make a decision based on conscience. Something may not be against the rules, or unlawful, but you may wonder to yourself if its right or wrong in someway. That’s when ethics kick in .it runs counter to your comes down to fairness, basic human values, treating each other fairly, respecting each others values, and learning form each other. You have to do the right thing, even if theirs no rule …show more content…

If more negative than positive consequences occur, than it is an immoral decision.

In the case of abortion and potential life, utilitarianism would look at who’s affected., the mother or the parents, the child or the future adult and society. Early unborn humans don’t feel pain, they can’t act rationally and there not self aware, therefore they are not intrinsically valuable.

In a perfect utilitarian universe the women would be emotionally able, financially stable, all of the complications and all of the life changes that are involved in rearing a child would be taken in account. We would not have too much of an issue in any case where a women was pregnant. Unfortunately this does not happen a lot of the time.
Should people stop have non-procreative sex? A utilitarian would say absolutely not, they should be able to do it and it’s a good thing. A part from the few cases in which we have an issue of un intential pregnancy, the vast majority of the time it’s a positive in terms of the pleasure and happiness in the world. Women unfit, unready or otherwise uninterested in rearing a child should be allowed to have abortion because potential life is a fickle idea to begin with. A lot of them don’t make it to fruition and it’s not entirely clear whether they’re intrinsically valuable. We value infants because after the 24-week period they are viable and they’re essentially a human.

Their social influence is very strong because it comes form education, political

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