Ethical Values With Professional And Personal Integrity

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8.3 CONTROL ENVIRONMENT As established by the administration of the University, the control environment sets the tone of the University and influences the control awareness of its persons. A local control environment is established by the heads of every area, activity of department. To provide discipline and structure, this has been the base for all other parts of internal control. There should be a good personal and professional morality between employees and managers, to continue a degree of competence which allows them to achieve their allocated jobs and understand the importance of developing and executing best internal controls.
The required things for managers and staff members to maintain and exhibit all the time:
• Ethical values with professional and personal integrity.
• To make sure the successful performance a level of skill is necessary.
• Understanding of information security and internal controls are enough to capably release their jobs or functions.
It is the responsibility of supervisors and managers, to make sure that their employees are aware of the importance of their activities and how they donate to the accomplishment of the control environment.
8.3.1 MICHIGAN TECH’S SECURITY POLICY The computing resources at Fairleigh Dickinson University help the instructional, research, educational, and administrative activities of the University. Using these resources is a benefit that is provided to all the persons who belongs to the University community. All the

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