Ethics And Values Play A Major Role Of Nursing Professionalism

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Ethics and values play a major role in nursing professionalism. Nursing professionalism is the way that nurses interact with other professionals and apply knowledge from the basic principles of nursing to better care for their patients. The professional values of nursing include altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice (“Essentials,” 2008). These values provide guidelines that accurately describe a compassionate and ethical nurse. One of the values that relates to me as well as my future professional nursing role is human dignity. Protecting human dignity means that the nursing professional will respect all individuals or communities they are working with and show them that they are important and are being cared for (“Essentials,” 2008).
Human Dignity In order to understand human dignity in professional nursing, it must first be understood in a general aspect. Dignity can be described as how individuals perceive themselves, as well as how others perceive them. If a person has dignity, they have self-worth and self-respect, and others identify that they are respectable. Human dignity could then be explained as having respect for an individual regardless of their circumstances because dignity is a characteristic instilled in the person, and they should not have to prove their worth for it. There are many ways that human dignity can be expressed in daily life. One of the ways that I best apply this value in my own life is through showing respect. I
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