Ethics Is A Central Component Of The Way Things

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Ethics is a central component of the way things ought to be in which a healthy, mature, and happy life should be. Studying ethics allows you to live an authentic life which requires living a meaningful life with integrity. Ethics can also motivate you to change your morals and habits to live ethically. With a firm character and a set of principles to guide you, and the choices that you make is what it is all about. Ethical people are better suited by being trustworthy, honest, caring, and loyal. These are some of the interactions that make a business successful, calmer, more productive, and more focused than those that are unethical. By creating a highly coordinated and stable society that will require a lot of ethical people by working together. Personal success or social stability or something greater is the key in religious traditions for eternal life. Some religious belief is that life’s good behavior leads to rewards in the next life. But in Ethics there are many different views on what is good or bad behavior, the choice is really up to the individual on how what is ethical and unethical.
In this course of Ethics I have a better understanding of all point of views in what is ethical and unethical in business and life in general. In this essay I will give my thoughts of what I think is ethical and my understanding of ethics based on what I have learned in this course. Ethics can be difficult in some situations and easier in others depending on the

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