Ethics Program For Company X

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Welcome to company X we are glad that you are a part of the team. Over the years, Company X has made it a priority to conduct itself to the utmost highest and ethical standards in dealing with our employees, suppliers, and customers. In order to maintain our high level of values, it takes all of us holding ourselves and each other accountable to make ethical and integral choices so that we can be the best organization we can be.
In order for Company X to continue to be a great company, we need a strong foundation of key principles that govern the way our people do business. This program will explain what we expect, and how employees should conduct themselves during their daily tasks. Company X takes our ethics code very seriously as a violation of it could also be a violation of the law subjecting Company X and the employee to civil and criminal penalties. Violations of the ethics code will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action which may include discharge.

As an Employee of Company X every decision you make effects the reputation of the company. All decisions and activities employees undertake need to be done with integrity and honesty at all times. Employees are to maintain these standards in both professional and private life.

Company Q understands we all have a personal life outside of work. It is important for all employees to know that decisions made outside of work

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