Ethics Violations Within The Field Of Dentistry

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Protecting the public trust is of paramount consideration and a standard of care in the field of dentistry, and of particular interest to policymakers, practitioners, and patients (Jacquot). When some caregivers violate this trust, a proactive holistic approach must be sourced in order to restore patient confidence by authorities and members of the field. As most ethics violations go undetected or unreported (attribution), employing protocols to promote oversight and transparency serve as a deterrent and enable patients to better understand expert recommendations, risks, costs, and options available for treatment. This reassurance of the public trust can help overcome distrust and insecurity deriving from ethics violations by dental practitioners.
Prompted by another practitioner, the government intervened in the case of Dr. John Roger Lund, a Saratoga, Calif. dentist who was arrested June 6, 2016 for performing unnecessary procedures on his patients and bilking insurance companies out of hundreds of thousands of dollars (Dentist). The 28 counts of felony insurance fraud included factitious charges and superfluous procedures done on patients with healthy gums and teeth. One individual had 18 root canal procedures completed by Lund during a five-year period, which is considered to be overly aggressive treatment. Due to patients’ lack of awareness, Lund and many other practitioners are able to manipulate the modern, insurance-driven, healthcare system and operate with a sense
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