Ethiopi A Country Living Of Poverty

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Unfortunately, Ethiopia is considered to be a country living in poverty. However, Ethiopians are continuously striving towards perfecting their country. The people of Ethiopia are determined to rise above the challenges and put forth the effort to fix their state of poverty. In the following portfolio, the author will compare and contrast the key features in Ethiopia, observe the future challenges and directions that health care is striving to achieve, and describe the key contributions that help improve the health status in Ethiopia. Also, we will discuss the key organizations that will help Ethiopia overcome these future challenges. Key Features in Ethiopia and Kenya In East Central Africa, two countries share a border, Ethiopia and Kenya. These two countries are within the same region of Africa and both are faced with many common challenges. Ethiopia and Kenya share the same burden of diseases, tuberculosis, malaria, and noncommunicable diseases. According the WHO, Ethiopia had 358 reported deaths due to malaria, while Kenya had 360 reported deaths. Both of the countries were almost equal to the number of deaths that malaria caused in 2013. Ethiopia’s population is almost double the size of Kenya. The population for Ethiopia is 91, 729,000 people where Kenya’s population is 44, 354,000 people (WHO, 2014). Ethiopia and Kenya both have a republic government. Ethiopia is known to be the oldest independent government in Africa while Kenya has received their independence from

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