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All car logos and names as well as emblems inscribed at the back or the front of automobiles are a way of branding. It is a way of influencing the choice of consumers and trying to stand above the crowd. All car brands have logos but some are more iconic than others. This is one of the reason why some car brands can be famous all-over the globe while some are known within just a small locality. This article reviews some of the top ten iconic car logos from famous car brands that are found all over the world.
Mercedes-Benz: the Mercedes-Benzes clean and professional logo of a star enclosed in a circle was conceived by Gottlieb Daimler to symbolize prosperity. Today the logo is a universal symbol of quality.
• Subaru: the word Subaru is a Japanese
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The logo that encapsulates a snorting bull ready to charge is inspired by the excitement and power of a bull ready for combat. It was conceived by Ferruccio Lamborghini; the famous Italian carmaker.
• Ferrari: the Ferrari features a unique logo of a prancing stallion that is visibly agitated. It symbolizes the strength and power, a trait which the brand is famous for world over.
• Rover: The logo of the rover draws inspiration from the long ships used by the Viking to transverse the seas as they sought to conquer new territories. The choice of using Vikings to represent the rover car brand was probably due to their reputation as great travelers and fearless warriors. This is a trait which the Rover emulates.
• Abarth: the Abarth car brand named after Carl Abarth features a captivating logo that utilizes primary colours to captivate the attention of the viewer. It also features the image of a scorpion which is enclosed in a shield. The scorpion was inspired by Abarth’s astrological sign. This together with the shield combines to portray victory and
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