Eudora Keep Swimming Pool

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Just keep swimming? How can Eudora keep swimming without an indoor swimming pool? We can’t. According to a survey taken in September, 57% of the citizens said that we need a indoor swimming pool for lap swimming. I think that Eudora should have an indoor swimming pool built. The swim team in Eudora would benefit from an indoor swimming pool.The Eudora swim team was created in 2014. All of the swimmers love to swim. Building an indoor swimming pool would inspire more kids to love swimming and join the swim team. The swimmers already on the team would use the swimming pool at least once a week. They would either pay every time or buy a membership. This would give more money to the city. More buildings and recreational areas could be built…show more content…
High school students would use the pool when they weren’t playing a sport. Swimming would keep them in shape and they would have a better season. The cross country runners, basketball players, and soccer players could take a break from running and get swimming. Swimming moves all muscles and it’s a great recovery sport. Swimming helps any player get better in their sport. “Swimming introduces new ranges of motion and strengthens muscle groups that have been neglected, helping a runner avoid classic overcompensation injuries.” ( Swimming in the off season can help any athlete improve in their sport. A lot of people would disagree with me. Some would say we have an outdoor pool. The outdoor swimming pool is only open in the summer. When people do get to lap swim the water is freezing cold. Another thing that they would say is that Lawrence is a short drive away. It takes at least 30 minutes to get to the indoor swimming pool in Lawrence. If there was a swimming pool in Eudora you could walk or ride a bike in less than that. This would cut down the use of gas. Also most of the time another swim team is already practicing. If that swim team is practicing you get a bad lane and not a good amount of time. Lawrence and the outdoor swimming pool are not good enough for us. We need an indoor swimming pool in Eudora. Eudora needs an indoor swimming pool. For our kids, athletes, adults, and elderly people. Eudora needs to keep swimming. We can’t do that without an indoor swimming
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