Evaluate the Effectiveness of Diagonal Communication as a Management Strategy to Achieve Organisation Objectives

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Organizational communication is the process by which information is shared within organization as business; it uses concise messages and clearly defined terms. Individuals use and rely on communication if its processes and messages are perceived as understandable and trustworthy. Outside of informal social interactions, individuals in an organization typically communication coworkers in their departments which have attained the same status they have or they communicate with direct supervisors or their subordinate.
The modern business environment requires organization to develop effective communication processes to cope with increased employee involvement, flattered organizational structure advances in communication technology and the work
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It's important to trust diagonal communications to individuals who can be counted on to use them in a cooperative manner, for the benefit of the project, and also to minimize particular challenges by maintaining the exchange on a formal-communications level. Creation of social bonds
Diagonal communication can enhance unity among different departments in the organizations. It facilitates free interaction between different members which results in strong team spirit among members. It makes people interact more and work as one to achieve a certain goal. It also eliminates communication barriers between different classed personals in the organisation.

Motivates subordinates
According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs there is a stage which a worker reaches the social needs. This is a feeling of belonging to a group. In a banking situation, if a bank manager interacts with the lower level subordinates, every worker becomes motivated and hence may disclose information that, if the formal channel of communication was followed, the manager could not have obtained the information. Diagonal communication promotes a friendly environment in the organisation.
Diagonal communication gives a chance to subordinates to contribute their ideas that can be used in strategic making. Some members in the organization have some expertise in decision making but don’t have responsibility because of the level in the hierarchy in the organization. Subordinates can also

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