Evaluating Ebay's Suitability For Investment Of $ 25 Million Dollars

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The purpose of this financial analysis is to evaluate eBay to determine its suitability for investment of $25 million dollars. I will examine whether or not the company is stable, solvent, liquid, or profitable enough to be invested in. It will examine the business, accounting and financial positioning of the company. Following eBay 's industry examination, a recommendation on eBay 's stock will be provided along with a decision. Business Strategy Analysis eBay, Inc. has played a dominant role in the online auction and shopping website. Currently, the company has several different subsidiaries under its control. These subsidiaries include Half.com, PayPal, Rent.com, eBay Enterprise, and Kijiji. With these acquisitions spread across countries in China, Germany, India, Spain, Israel, Sweden and the United States. eBay is recognized as the leading online retailer in the United States. This widely-recognized corporation, as it is known today, has its roots back in 1995 when a man named Pierre Omidyar founded the company. The company focuses on a transaction based business and revenues are generated through marketing services, transactions that are successfully completed and advertising. eBay has a primary focus that can identify customer needs and efficiently provide global commerce and payments on behalf of its users, merchants, retailers and brands of all sizes. The California Company based in San Jose, Texas, was a very prominent company that had a vision to

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