Evaluating The Information System : An Organization

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Evaluating the Information System

An organization creates value through time, particularly if it is a company that provides services. Therefore, the information generated has an even greater value because it helps to achieve the objectives of the organization. All the information that the organization generates interact together to support the company needs to fulfill. On the other way when organizations interact with information, people and resources (network, hardware, software, etc.) they connect each other in order to meet the demands of the information in an organization either administratively or in the operational area. Consequently generating a process called information system. This information system performs four specific functions: input, processing, storage and output of information. Inputs is when you add customer information on a computer (hardware), such as name, address, invoices, payments, etc. Then in the same way in the process step you can make calculations, balances, interests that can store in a software grouped by customers, per the accounts, per month bills, etc. and finally, outputs are when you generate reports of payments, balance, inquiries or customer statements. In this paper I will describe how the information system contributes to forming competitive advantage in business.

Basically the information system is composed of three elements, people, organization and technology. People involved in everything that goes with the information
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