Evaluation Of A Company Sends An Employee Overseas

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Expatriation is when a company sends an employee overseas to work. Businesses needs to have a plan in place to insure a successful expatriation assignment. First, the business needs to make sure to choose the right person, who is open to new experiences and cultures. Second, the employer needs to prepare the expat and their family for what they will experience. Additionally, the business should have a program setup to prepare the expat with classes to teach about the culture the person will experience. If the area speaks a different language than the expat, the company should invest in a language tutor to help their employee. In this paper, I will discuss the person I selected for the expatriation assessment assignment. I will display…show more content…
He has been on two expatriation assignments. At the young age of 22, Carl went to Afghanistan for support special operations for a year. He was chosen because of his rank and military occupation to go. During this experience, he felt a mixture of feelings of scared, excitement, and eye opening. He did not experience very much interaction with the people, due the fact their interpreters running things. Due to his performance in Afghanistan, he landed his current job. Two years later, Carl was selected to deploy to Egypt and Israel intended for peace keeping for a year. He had a more enjoyable experience. He was able to spend time with the locals smoking a hookah pipe around a fire. He was able to visit the Pyramids of Giza, Bethlehem, Jericho, Masada, and Jerusalem. He felt some of the people in Egypt were shady and only wanted money. However, the Bedouins were genuine and brought them back to their shacks. The people in Israel were very nice. There was lots of religious culture. Most of the people spoke some amount of English. Lastly, both experiences helped Carl develop leadership skills and increase in rank. Home: Renovo, PA, USA; Host: Afghanistan and Egypt/Isarel Family status during deployment: single with no kids Duration: 1 year for each deployment Job status: Middle management – technical specialist Job title: Production controller Assignment purpose: support special operations and peace keeping Cross-cultural management
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