Evaluation Of A Leadership Training Program Essay

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Our Human Resources department recently received and reviewed results of our annual employee satisfaction survey. Upon completing the surveying process, it is evident that a Leadership Training program needs to be put in place to increase positive feedback and satisfaction within our company, specifically regarding leadership. Currently, ABC Company does not have a Leadership Training Program, and without one, the satisfaction rates of our employees will remain the same. By educating leaders and management through a leadership training program we will be able to provide our employees with a work environment that allows them to function at their highest levels of performance. Project Plan The annual surveys demonstrated many areas pertaining to management that employees are dissatisfied with. While formulating our surveys, we ask questions pertaining to the “six pitfalls of leadership” to determine if they are occurring within our company. These pitfalls include failure of management to respond to employee communications such as emails, failing to provide feedback (positive and negative), acknowledging people only when mistakes are being made, failure of management to celebrate victories, management showing favoritism, and employee burnout. Through the proposed Leadership Training Program, these common pitfalls can be addressed and worked on to provide our employees with the notion that they matter and are a valuable asset to ABC Company. “Employees who feel they
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