How Leaders Can Influence The Organization

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in the recent years, there has been an increasing interest in understanding the fundamental role of leadership in the organizations and in what extent leaders can influence the organizations. Regardless, the types of the organizations, leaders are playing significant important part in designing the organizations’ orientation and carrying out for the organization the changes needed in order to achieve agreed common targets and enhance the employee’s performance. within organizations’ developments.

Thus, the findings of our primary resources which have been collected from France by interviewing (asking questions) the Manager of SDH, the social enterprises organization representing such important aspects of the leadership impacts on the corporation orientation as a these data was analyzed with some of the management and leadership theories and other relative published studies. SDH is operating in the buildings industry offering homes for people who have low income. It was clear that SDH was not Exceptional of leadership’s impact. consequently, it would appear that the need for effective leaders in the social enterprise as well as many other organizations is needed.

According to Peter Lok( 2004) leadership have significant impact on the organization culture. Thus, job satisfaction and organizational commitment would be achieved by effective leaders. Furthermore, the study of the author also showed that a major impact of both international culture

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