Evaluation Of A Nursing For An Increased Intracranial Pressure New Admission

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Simulation Reflection My charge nurse informed me that my assignment was to care for an increased intracranial pressure new admission. The gentleman was in his early thirties and he came in thought the hospital emergency department after wrecking his motorcycle. This patient was immediately transferred up to my intensive care unit and had family present. I went into the room to get report and my patient’s father constantly interrupted the dayshift nurse. He frantically asked what was happening, if there was any hope of survival, and if he should have his son’s care transferred to another hospital. This was all the overwhelming information that happened in the first five minutes of the first portion of my simulation. The second portion of my simulation was on advanced cardiac life support. Though completing the critical care simulation, I learned a major strength and weakness I have as a senior nursing student. When I was caring for my patient with increased intracranial pressure, I was highly stressed and distracted by the concerns of the family. The report seemed rushed and confusing to follow. During report a medical error was mentioned and the father overheard that Mannitol was not started on time. He was taking over myself and the other nurses to question our competency. The family was not trusting anyone providing care for the patient and I felt a tight knot in my stomach. I felt myself sweating as I attempted to explain the situation to the father left my

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