Evaluation Of A Program Evaluation

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A Program Evaluation is an important factor in determining if an agency is producing successful results. Usually a program evaluation is requested or brought forth by a specific concern that is in need of being addressed. This type of practice-based research method provides agencies with accountability. Sometimes a program evaluation is needed in order for some agencies to continue to receive funding to keep their programs, to meet accreditation standards, and to ensure clients are being helped by the programs (Royse, 2011). Before performing a program evaluation, it is important to consider many factors such as time, resources, audience, and purpose. A time limit for an agency evaluation could change the direction the evaluation goes. Resources are definitely an important aspect of the evaluation. A lack of resources could result in a simpler process whether than a copyrighted tool for an evaluation. The type of audience and purpose will in turn decide which type of method is to be implemented. The written report should be prepared for the type of audience that will be examining it. Each audience will require their unique writing style (Royse, 2011). For example, if the audience is a group of high school students, it would be necessary to write in a less complex writing style. Project Identification The project identified in this paper is of the Northeastern State University (NSU) Social Work Practicum program. “The Northeastern State University 's Social Work

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