Evaluation Of A Program Evaluation

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A Program Evaluation is an important factor in determining if an agency is producing successful results. Usually a program evaluation is requested or brought forth by a specific concern that is in need of being addressed. This type of practice-based research method provides agencies with accountability. Sometimes a program evaluation is needed in order for some agencies to continue to receive funding to keep their programs, to meet accreditation standards, and to ensure clients are being helped by the programs (Royse, 2011). Before performing a program evaluation, it is important to consider many factors such as time, resources, audience, and purpose. A time limit for an agency evaluation could change the direction the evaluation …show more content…
The curriculum is based on the CSWE’s standards in providing students advanced education through the institution. This paper will examine the effectiveness of this program in regards to helping practicum students to achieve meeting the competencies and objectives.
The Northeastern State University practicum is based on students achieving and mastering the CSWE competencies. Students are expected to complete objectives implemented into each competency. The Social Work competencies each contain three objectives to complete, except for the fourteenth competency contains only two objectives to be completed. In the practicum, students experience the many roles and duties of a bachelor’s level social work job.
The outcome evaluation, also known as the summative evaluation, will be the approach used to collect and analyze the information. “Typically, this approach uses a control group, random assignment of clients, and involves pre- and post-testing as a way to obtain hard objective data on the performance of a program” (Royse, 2011). The student’s ratings on the objectives in each competency will be collected and analyzed. This approach will also compare the mean of each category in the mid-term and final evaluations. By using the outcome evaluation approach, the goal is to examine how the student has progressed and if they achieved successful educational training during the Social Work program at Northeastern State University. This approach is best
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