Evaluation Of A Research Study

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As with any research, there are limitations to take into account with this study. The study took place over a month long span, so it was not possible to follow up with those residents who participated to see how they progressed through the shelter program. The study also did not include children as participants, which is a direction to consider in the future since there are a significant number of children who experience homelessness. A limitation that brings up questions is that there was more participation among the men and they were more forthcoming than were the women. The reason for this could be that the researcher was a white male, so there could have been a degree of discomfort in divulging information with the women who may have had sensitive histories pertaining to their past that they did not wish to share. If a female were to have interviewed the women, there may have been more participation and the interviews may have had more depth. Research studies have shown that the researcher’s demographics can affect the quality and quantity of the data when investigating a phenomenon experienced by the opposite gender or a different race. The men seemed to be empowered and open about sharing their past history as if the interview session was an opportunity to vent or absolve themselves of wrongdoing, whereas the women were more reserved and preferred not to disclose their histories. Another possibility for the men being more forthcoming than the
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