Evaluation Of The Administrative Staff

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Within Firestone the administrative staff is composed of five individuals. There is a head principal, three assistant principals and a dean of students. Each person plays an integral role in making sure the school runs in an orderly fashion. To ensure the building continues to run in an orderly fashion the head principal has assigned each person a particular job. Each person in an administrative position helps to conduct teacher evaluations. There are about 101 staff members so each principal takes a department or two and evaluates the teachers. From there the three assistant principals have split the alphabet and works with the students in their certain group. They deal with discipline and any other issues the student may have in the building. As of last year the dean of students was only in the building for two days, so he dealt with student tardies and filled in if one of the assistant principals were out.
At this point many of the changes taking place in the school building are a result of what comes from the Office of Secondary Schools located in downtown Akron. Within the past year the biggest change that took place was the scheduling for testing and the lunch schedule. There was a major change in how the lunches were ran in the building, but the change was not made within the building but made downtown and enforced in almost all Akron high schools. There are some changes that can take place in house as well. Many of the changes that come from in the building start…
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