Evaluation On Tablets Vs. Laptops

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When looking at technology people look for certain criteria when it comes to evaluating the specific electronic device they want. Tablets in my opinion are way better than laptops only because they are less bulky; they are thin which makes tablets more versatile, their battery life lasts longer than a laptop, and ipad tablets have special programs a laptop doesn’t obtain. Tablets have advanced over the years. Look at Apple for instance, they came out with the iPad mini and now they came out with an iPad with a retina display that means that the screen has sufficient pixel density, which means that the screen is brighter and clearer. Laptops may have a bigger screen but I don’t see laptops advancing like tablets do these days. It is quite an experience if you own an ipad tablet, once you own one you will never want to go back to a laptop. Ipads has a built in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity so people can stay in touch easier than they would with a laptop. Laptops have Wi-Fi but not cellular connectivity. They could use cellular connectivity through skype, but you have to pay to use it. Another cool thing this device has is a multi-touch screen so you can quickly exit and enter into a new application and it has a virtual keyboard for typing up papers, taking notes, and researching information. One might argue, if they aren’t into the high tech electronics, laptops are more suitable in their scenario because a laptop is simpler. Many, that I’ve talked to prefer an ipad

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