Event Management Marketing Sales Strategies

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MARKETING SALES STRATEGIES iii Event management marketing sales strategies [Name of the student] [Name of the institution] Abstract This assignment focuses on the event planning management. Brief introduction of event planning had been described, and the steps taken by the event planning management also described in this report. It also focuses the different marketing and sales strategies utilized by the event planners in order to achieve their target. Diverse technologies which are necessary for the event planners in developing the event are also explained. At the end of the assignment conclusion has also been concluded. Table of Contents Abstract ii Introduction 1 1. Event planning management 1 1.1 Event details 1 1.2 Organizing committee 2 1.3 Insurance 2 1.4 Potential hazards 2 1.5 Traffic management plan 2 2. Marketing strategies adopted by event planners 2 2.1 Social media marketing strategy 3 2.2 Word of mouth marketing strategy 3 2.3 Email marketing strategy 4 3. Sales strategies adopted by the event planners 5 3.1 Long term sales strategy 5 3.2 Direct selling 5 3.3 Indirect selling 5 4. New technologies adopted in event planning 6 Conclusion 7 References 9 Introduction Event planning is a course of action in which planners first formulate the plan about the type of function either it is a wedding event, party or concert event etc. after that the first step of event planners is to set out the purpose of an event. Event
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