Evergreen Health And Health Access Team Essay

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Evergreen Health has dedicated its time to healthcare quality, safety, and cost-efficiency while maintaining a healthy and productive community. Evergreen Health has a significant influence on patients, to be treated respectfully through their mission and values. Evergreen Hospital values its patients with respectful treatment, privacy, and care—a. At the same time providing excellence in care and cost efficiency., This proved to be helpful because they were rated among the top 5% hospitals in the nation.
The Community Health Access Team (CHAT) is working with many charities and with diverse religious affiliations. These inclusive connections with different branches are a positive aspect for Evergreen Hospital. Their bonds with various cultural, educational, religious, and charitable organizations are a positive aspect of the organization. Evergreen Health has made every effort to maintain good relationships with their local communities by establishing a clear mission statement and adhering to their visions and values.
The Stakeholders of Evergreen Health are members of the community. Evergreen is a Public Hospital, meaning that the community has voted to use levy funds to finance the facilities and operations. Other stakeholders include the providers, as well as other staff of Evergreen Health, as the facilities contribute to their liveliehoods as well as their overall wellbeing.
A successful business is built upon a strong structure. Evergreen Hospital is a

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