Every Child Grows At Their Own Unique Ways, Each Develops

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Every child grows at their own unique ways, each develops at its own level, and they all have their own values and beliefs. As an early childhood teacher, I am committed to the development of the whole child-physically, mentally, culturally, intellectually, and socially. .I have a responsibility to base our curriculum to each child’s individual needs. I want to have high quality classroom where the children can learn and grow at their own development level. I believe in that child-initiated activities through play is the best way of learning, due to the fact that it gives the children hands on experience. However, there is also a need for teacher-directed activities, to help children follow rules and direction. I feel that when …show more content…

Even though, I primarily work with toddlers, I do have some interaction with infants and preschoolers. To help promote the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of each age group, my goals and objectives are as follows: 1. Infants: A. Provide a safe and nurturing environment where they are encouraged to try new activities to help develop skills. B. Accept each child as a unique individual. C. Try to meet the specific needs and individual schedules for each child. D. Encourage each child to develop social, emotional, motor, language, and cognitive skills through age appropriate activities. E. Interact respectfully with each child and their parents and encourage parents to participate and visit their children as the parent’s schedules will allow. 2. Toddlers: A. Promote self-help skills. B. Provide socialization activities. C. Provide a warm, caring, and inviting environment to children and parents. D. Promote creativity through open-ended activities. E. Help learn to follow directions through teacher guided projects. F. Create blocks of time to foster independence. 3. Preschool: A. To create a safe, nurturing, and mentally stimulating environment where the children are encouraged to grow and to be responsible for themselves. B. To teach appropriate social skills with emphasis on respect for themselves and others. C. To stimulate an interest in learning about one’s self and the world around them. D. To prepare for Kindergarten by

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