Everyone Forgets In Still Alice

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Everyone has loved ones, but imagine if one day those loved ones became completely non-existent to a person. 5.5 million people experience this terrible feeling. It's a disease called Alzheimer's. Early Onset Alzheimer’s is a rare and grueling disease which affects Alice, the main character in the novel Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Although there is medication, there is nothing that will stop this terrible disease from slowly making a person forget everything they know and love. The main character, Alice, in the novel Still Alice, is only 50 years old. She is a professor at Harvard University, and is a very intelligent person. Alice starts to forget some minor parts of her life, which is no big deal, but eventually she starts to forget more important things. She goes on a run every, day but one day she forgot how to get home. “She knew she was in Harvard Square, but she didn't know which way was home” (Genova 21). These moments kept getting worse, so Alice went to a specialist. At age 50, she was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's. When she told her husband John, he refused to believe her at first. “Everyone forgets things. I can never remember where I put my glasses. Should this doctor diagnose me with Alzheimer's, too?”(79). Eventually, John accepts the fact that his wife is eventually not going to recognize him or even herself. Alice has three children, each having a 50% chance of getting Alzheimer's. Alice's daughter Anna has Alzheimer's, and she is trying to have
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