Everything By Nicola Yoon And Directed By Stella Meghie

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“Everything, Everything” Analysis
This American romance drama film could capture millions of romance fanatics in just one trailer. I can proudly say that I too am a part of this club and I am ready to have mixed of emotions running through my body when I go see this movie on May 19. This best seller novel and soon to be movie “Everything, everything” was written by Nicola Yoon and directed by Stella Meghie. Meghie the director of the film was able to capture Yoon 's words in a wonderful heartfelt movie. Maddy (the main character), is a teen who has severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a rare disease that causes her to be allergic to practically everything. She’s has spent 17 years hiding out in her home, only seeing her mother and her
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The setting’s that the producer chose for the trailer is the main character’s house and the beach. I feel that they chose her house because in the movie she has a rare disease called (SCID) where she is allergic to everything, making it difficult for her to go out and enjoy her teenage years. They take advantage of the main character’s disease to make it more sorrowful and make you sympathized for maddy. The next setting that is chosen for the trailer is the beach. Somehow, they manage to make even a beach which is supposed to be filled with happiness feel bittersweet, because you know what going to happen at the end just like every heartbroken movie. Trailers have a way of arising every emotion in your limb until you’re a complete mess and completely confused on how you should be feeling. When I first watch the trailer, I wanted to cry for the for the girl and be a part of the romance that her and Olly create. Movie clips always try appeal to our pathos by showing us scenes that they precisely choose to either scare or make us cry. In this case, they choose to appeal to our sadness with the main character starting the trailer with “This is my whole world my nurse, my mom, and my sickness. I’m eighteen and I’ve never been outside. If I did I would probably die” Right away it catches the audience attention in making them feel depressed
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