Evidence Based Intervention Is Training The Caregiver Essay

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Another main focus of OT evidence-based intervention is training the caregiver so that they have an increased perceived competence and ability to handle and understand the behavior problems and functional decline of the person with NDD that they care for. OTs can positively impact the lives of both the patient and the caregiver, by taking time to work with the caregiver and train them in the NDD disease process, effective supervision, positive communication strategies, available resources, personal stress management, problem solving, coping strategies, and simplifying instructions (Edwards, 2015; Gitlin, Winter, et al., 2010; Schulz et al., 2002). OTs help the caregiver manage negative behaviors by teaching them to identify what is stimulating negative behaviors and thus be able to look for ways to initiate positive behaviors and decrease the frequency of negative ones. OTs can utilize models to help the caregivers understand how to do this by training them in the ABC Model, which is activator, behavior, and consequence as well as the Problem Solving Process Model of identifying the behavior and the activator, describing what happens after the behavior occurs, brainstorming and implementing strategies, and then evaluating how the strategies work (Piersol & O 'Sullivan, 2015). OTs can also train caregivers to match tasks such as ADLs or IADLs, with the cognitive ability of the person with a NDD and gain a better understanding of his or her current cognitive state. This can
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