Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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Have you ever taken a trip to the zoo and compared the chimpanzee’s physical features to your own and noticed how similar they really are? When I was younger I remember being told that my ancestors were chimpanzees but as I got older I wanted to actually learn how that could be possible. It all started with the theory of evolution. To understand why the teaching of evolution in school is important, it’s important to understand what it is, how it works, and how we benefit from its evolutionary history. Evolution is the steady development of different kinds of living organisms that have diversified from earlier forms throughout the generations. Without evolution, biology wouldn’t make sense because evolution is its key principle that connects and explains many facets of life. Evolution is a very important topic to teach in school and I think most kids would find it interesting to learn and talk about. After all, evolution is what created us and it helps us make sense of ourselves and the living things around us. Without evolution we wouldn’t have the vaccines or the drugs that we have that help our bodies fight off or prevent diseases from occurring. Evolution helps make sense of the need for a new vaccine every year. Vaccines utilize the efficiency of our immune system to recognize and eliminate diseases that are new and threatening to our bodies. These microbial threats can evolve over a one year life span so the vaccines that we receive in one year must be changed for
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