Evolution Of Advertising: The History And Evolution Of Advertising

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History and Evolution of Advertising:

Wall or Rock painting was considered a manifestation of Advertisments during the stone ages, the first Indian rock art paintings can be traced back to 4000 BC. The first poster advertisement was released in 1472 whereas the first newspaper advertisement was placed in 1650. In 1836, paid advertising was included in Newspapers.

Looking at the Advertisement sector in India it can looked at from a pre independence and then post independence phases. Pre Independence , Advertising was essentially based around the need to publicize the various imported products which were being sold during the British rule.

In 1883 , Horlicks becomes the first ‘malted milk’ to be patented. Retailers like Spencer's , Whiteaway and Laidlaw and Army & Navy were
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In 1986 , India's first folk History was created by Mudra Communications through the TV serial Buniyaad. It was aired in Doordarshan. Eventually in 1991, The first India specific Satellite channel , Zee TV was started leading to a further shift in the Advertising landscape .

Currently there is a greater emphasis on Advertising to support the integrated marketing strategies of the product/service. There has also been a growth of public relation based Advertising programs. Advertisements based on the websites and usage of tools such as Google Analytics to ensure the advertisements are targeted towards a particular segment of people. Digital Advertisements is currently seeing the largest growth while there is still growth in TV , Radio , Print and Cinema based advertisements.

The one major issue which has consistently persisted in the Indian Advertisement sector in India has been the language of Advertisements, English was the language used throughout the country but large populations do not know the language. Hindi has been effective in the Northern part of the country and a majority of the nation but it is ineffective down south
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