Evolutionism V's Evolution : Creationism Vs. Evolution

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Nate Knipp
English I, Period 3
Mrs. Dean
1, December 2017
Do people think that humans came from primates or do people think we were put on this earth by God? Everything had to be here at some point(like a person) eventually. Humans are the smartest thing on earth, so from that assumption we would have to be here the longest to grow smarter, makes since? Or people can believe that we came from primates and not believe in God or people can believe in God and think that we were put here on earth by Him. Creationism is valid in the US and the people who founded it, The belief in creationism is more relevant in the world today because it is the most popular belief, The fact that creationism can be found through american culture and many other cultures today. Creationism can be found all throughout american culture and all throughout history, there are over 2.2 billion christians(Creationists) in the world and the most common religion, and finally biblical stances are strongly relied on in the foundation of the U.S.
Everyone is probably wondering why creationism is more valid than evolution. The first reason that creationism is more valid than evolution is because it is found in the U.S.’s government. Here’s a quote to prove it “God truly has “shed His grace” on this “sweet land of liberty” more fully than on any nation in history, but these blessings are the result of the commitment of our founding fathers to God as Creator, to God’s incarnate Son as

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