Examine Research on Applications of Life Span Psychology on the Children Defense Fund Program

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Examine Research on Applications of Lifespan Psychology
The purpose and focus of this week assignment is to select a program or an agency that conducts research on lifespan psychology to create applications that strengthen public policy and programs. The program selected for this assignment is the Children defense fund program. The Children Defense fund is a nationwide organization put in place to ensure that every child is treated fair and has an effective and promising start in life, regardless of their race, background or disability.
The Children Defense fund program work he psychologists, and policy makers and the community to conduct research on lifespan development for the purpose of creating applications to strengthen public polices …show more content…

Gilbert et al, (2009) also reports that “child protective services received over 1.5% child abuse complaints on a yearly basis” (Gilbert et al, 2009b).
The Children Defense Program acts as an advocate for all children. However, the program directs more of their attention toward children with disabilities and children who come from poor and minority backgrounds. The programs mission is to prevent catastrophes before they happen. Therefore the Children Defense Programs partner with appropriated organization to ensure a safe living environment for all children and to make sure that each child receives quality healthcare and education. Their main priority is to protect all children from maltreatments.
The Children Defense Program has a combination of policies and priorities in place to address children rights. Included in the children’s defense fund policies and priorities are important information that addresses advocates and family resources, children budget watch, quality education, and healthcare, ending child poverty, children welfare, and protective services for abuse and neglect.
The united states national government, city government, and state government are all responsible for making sure that everyone who partners with the children defense fund program work to put an end to child poverty and to ensure that all children are treated fairly, and

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