Example Of A Perfume Commercial For The Good Girl Perfume

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The media that I chose is a perfume commercial for the Good Girl Perfume by Carolina Herrera New York 2016 and this commercial feature the blonde model Karlie Kloss in a long black dress and wearing a pair of black stilettos as she turns heads on her way to a hotel, to meet her date. What happens around her when she walks in the middle of the street, with confidence and sensuality? Glances are transformed into stares, car crash because drivers have their eyes on her, the wind starts to blow away newspapers and magazines, and thunder strikes light up the sky. It is not enough to turn heads – jaws must drop, glances transform into stares. When good girl clicks her heels, she has the city at her feet. Her presence has a way of lingering over space …show more content…

The box is an impressive quality because it's got this fabulous velvet finish. It's a stylish black, white and gold rectangular head-turner. But the real treasure is reigning in. Carolina Herrera got her inspiration from the famous Marilyn Monroe's quote: "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world". As a result, a stunning and unique bottle in the shape of a sky-high sexy stiletto was born. Another inspiration was New York City (as you know, it is my most favorite happy places in the world. The stiletto is super sleek and gorgeous. The "shoe" body is shiny with a delicate Carolina Herrera brand print on its "sole" and CH initials on the front. And then there is a beautifully piercing tall gold heel! The quality of the bottle is out of this world. Even though I am not really a high-heel wearer, this shoe got lots of people to say "Wow"! The sprayer is located at the very top with a sleek little pushbutton in the back. The packaging couldn't be more perfect as it states and represents one main thing: we, women, are strong, daring, powerful, beautiful, independent and we set our own rules. It doesn't matter if you're a flats lover, you might still find this packaging, gorgeous and strong, just the way you

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