Example Of A Pretreatment Program

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This pretreatment program operates as a therapeutic community, providing the opportunity for chemically dependent inmates to start their lives over by providing access to inpatient AOD treatment. This program allows the inmates to obtain a new point of reference while preparing for their transition to AOD treatment. This unit is for inmates who require the support of a positive intense therapeutic environment, where the process of recovery can occur without distraction. The goal of the program is to reduce the rate of relapse, reunite inmates with their families, re-integrate inmates into society and their communities. There were group sessions and individual therapy group sessions which were led by experienced counselors. When I arrived …show more content…

Lucky for him, he soon accepted that he is an addict and during the time he tried to withdraw, he was getting very sick and had to be housed on the medical floor. The good thing about rehabs and support group is the fact that they offer counseling and therapy sessions.
There were group sessions and individual therapy group sessions, which were led by experienced counselors. The group has shown an enormous success in helping alcoholics and drug addict maintain sobriety. They had stories about inmates that were once in the program that got out of jail and now working a good job and also have his family back. Also, the member whom had been there for weeks is doing well in their profound adjustments. Intoxication was and still is their status quo as it is normal for them to experience depression and uncertainty in their early stages of recovery but with time, that feeling goes away. Also for the leader, its proof that these sessions are appropriate enough for those who are aspiring to move out of the jail to a regular life. The groups also aim at building self-confidence and encourage the recovering alcoholic and drug addicts to embrace a fulfilling life without alcohol and drugs.

Group Dynamics and Participants
As for the meetings I had attended, members were on the same stage as others, a stage where the victim requires a lifelong commitment to change their lifestyle and maintain their abstinence. For the early abstinence stage, the person has

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