Example Of Activity Based Learning

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Activity-based learning is an activity or activities used in an educational process to make students learn. The teacher incorporates activities of some type in teaching to make students learn using an activity or activities as a base for learning. It is a methodology where children of different ages are grouped together in one class and learn at their own pace through teacher-facilitated exercises.
The activity-based method is a technique accepted by a teacher to emphasize method of teaching through activity in which the students participate thoroughly and bring about efficient learning experiences. Activity-based learning is a child-centered approach, which means the student is actively involved in participating mentally and physically. Learning …show more content…

It can provide a wide range of opportunities to gain not only subject knowledge but also in technical and academic skills. Students can be prepared as an active citizen by interacting with different learning activities. Activity-based learning is used in most subject areas and better to use as an instructional method. According to Hake (1998), activity-based learning improves conceptual understanding of the students. Activity-based learning is a method used in education to help the students to become innovative, creative and productive. According to the Wikipedia, activity-based learning is acquiring new knowledge, behavior, skills, values, and involving different types of information. In activity-based learning, the student understands and engages with the information to be learned. They process information with higher level thinking such as comprehension, analysis, synthesis, application, and metacognition. By this, the student is able to relate the information to any life situation, connect it with past learning, build his or her own knowledge (Garner, 1987) and become a knowledgeable and contributing citizen as an adult. Engagement with information through activity is one important method of facilitating. Thus, activity-based learning allows students to engage with and process information in such a way that students understand and shapes knowledge about a particular

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