Active Versus Passive Learning Essays

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Most students these days just think they have to go to class, pay attention, write some notes and they will do fine. That may be true for some people but if they were to use a more active learning approach instead of passive, they could do even better. Active learning is a learning approach that gets the student more involved which helps lead to a better understanding and idea of the material being learned (VickyRN, 2009). Passive learning is the common classroom learning approach where you listen to a teacher and read information (VickyRN, 2009). If students were more aware of the benefits of active learning and the difference between active and passive learning, they could achieve higher academic results and may even enjoy it more. Many …show more content…

Expert learners are people who know their learning goals and do their best to reach those goals (O'Brien-Moran, 2012). They start early, come up with strategies to help them achieve their goals and are often satisfied with their results (O'Brien-Moran, 2012). Novice learners however, have no goals, they cram the night before a test and just do not give a full effort into their learning and are usually disappointed with their results (O'Brien-Moran, 2012). Expert learners often engage in self-regulated learning. Someone who is a self-regulated learner is said to begin with setting goals, planning how to achieve those goals taking into account their time constraints as well as their strength and weaknesses related to that specific learning task (O'Brien-Moran, 2012). Once they set their goals and have a strategy, they carry on while monitoring their results (O'Brien-Moran, 2012). If their strategies are working well for them, they continue on, but if they aren't, they adjust until they find something that works for them and helps them reach their goal (O'Brien-Moran, 2012). Being an expert learner would be a great technique to use if you want to learn more actively because it gets you more involved with your work and you are not just showing up to class, writing some notes and never looking at them again. Another technique we have talked about in class that would help students learn more actively is working in groups. Working

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