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Most have heard the term, “Sex Sells” I decided to gain a deeper understanding of the whys and how’s behind that concept. I asked a few people to tell me what the first thing that comes to mind is when asked for examples of advertisements using sex to sell a product. Immediately, I got answers like Carl’s Jr., Burger King, Victoria Secret and Calvin Klein. There are many brands and companies that sexualize men and women to sell their products. Our society has become complacent, and these advertisements don’t come as a big surprise or shock anymore. I found myself realizing through my research that I had been exposed to the same advertisements as the examples shown in various articles I’ve read. I simply overlooked them. The response to erotic images triggers a biological reaction, a sexual impulse for many people. Brands have used this method for several decades. However, it started out being subtle. In the 1880s many tobacco companies included trading cards of what they considered sexual imagery. That later led to soap companies in the 1920s using suggestive language to lure customers. A decade later, the ideas continued to spread especially regarding products that have nothing to do with sex. By the 1950s, the advertisements still used sex to sell but did so in more subtle ways, still using suggestive language but without partial nudity or otherwise scandalous images. During the 1980s, advertisements were upfront regarding sex, and continued to increase in frequency.

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