Example Of EKG Interpretation

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EKG Interpretation
1. You are a nurse working in the Emergency Department of a hospital. You are asked to admit a patient who came in with chest pain. When you arrive to assess the patient you find them unresponsive.

a. Please analyze the rhythm (below). R-R, Regular or Irregular (.1 pt.) irregular Rate: (.1 pt.) Unmeasurable
PR interval: (.1 pt.) Not measurable QRS: (.1 pt.) none
QT: (.1 pt.) 8 sec Rhythm: (.3 pt.) highly irregular

b. What is the necessary immediate intervention? (.1 point)
The next action for this patient is to defibrillate very soonest to stop the patient from going to cardiac arrest
c. What are two typical precipitating factors that occur with this rhythm? (.1 pt.)
i. Is having an untreated ventricular tachycardia, electrocution accidents and presents of heart conditions at birth. ii. Chaotic, rapid and irregular rhythms hence causing ventricular Fibrillation

2. You are a nurse caring for a patient on a telemetry unit. The patient was admitted for hypotension and tachycardia several days ago. The patient has stabilized and needs to achieve therapeutic levels for prophylactic treatment prior to discharge.

a. Please analyze their strip (below).

Regular or Irregular (.1 pt.)Regular Rate: (.1 pt.) 101-160 bpm
PR interval: (.1 pt.) 0.12-0.20seconds QRS: (.1 pt.) 0.06—0.12 seconds
QT: (.1 pt.) 6 sec Rhythm: (.3 pt.) Regular The patient has been determined to have this dysrhythmia chronically and is

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