Example Of Uber Rebranding

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Uber’s rebranding
In early 2015, Uber Technologies Inc., the company that invented and developed technology platform to connect driver-partners and riders via smartphone apps since 2009, decided to refresh their brand and drew attention by rebranding. The rebranding includes a new logo, updated colors and patterns based on cities and a fresh direction for the ride-sharing company. Uber promised that this rebranding will transform its purpose and cement a new reputation to change not only how it is perceived throughout the world, but how it perceives itself. "We created a beautiful new brand for the company that will lead us forward for years to come" Uber's head of design Andrew Crow said. Howsoever, many people think that Uber failed to rebrand.
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From the original icon, the new icons look quite different because they are an image of square embedded in a circle for rider apps and a hexagon for partner apps which added different color and patterns for each country. For example, In Mexico, icon was inspired by Mexican pink and the patterns in the local tiles. According to Uber, the square represents the bit which means a concept central to Uber’s business philosophy. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stated “We’ve also introduced the concept of the bit throughout our design framework. This will put our technology front and center, as well as provide consistency, highlight information and make our brand easy to recognize”. On the other hand, a lot of feedback from users aren’t so good. “Dear Uber: your old logo was very bad but useful. Your new logo is very bad and useless”. Joshua Topolsky, an American technology journalist, commented on his own twitter. Additionally, many users also complained that the new logo is now unrecognizable on their devices. On average, smartphone users interface with roughly 26 apps a month (information from Nielsen site). This also means that every second matters when it comes to app finding and utilization. The extra few seconds that a user wastes to locate an app could ultimately have the possibility to switching brand and lost revenue. Furthermore, users may have some trouble to recognize it on an
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