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Prospectus: American Dream and Immigrant The topic of my essays is “American Dream and Immigrant”. It is an interesting topic because American dream is a broad concept that includes the dream of the American nation having better, richer and peaceful life for all type of individuals in regard to their capacity and accomplishments. It is a dream that include the accomplishment of social stability and equality throughout the country in which all type of men and women are equal and shall be identified on what actually they are instead of their birth places. It is true fact that America is considered as land of dreams for whole world. People from all regions of the world came to America for attaining the peaceful and good life because America is the land where if people have perseverance, they can achieve what they want from their life. Open doors and presence of lots of opportunities, millions of immigrants came to America with a desire of freedom, free social life, better education and good jobs. Itching to live American Dream, the …show more content…

In this essay I will discuss how immigrants have brought positive changes in American dream, what are those positive changes and how Americans react to these changes? Furthermore I will also discuss the controversies about immigrants and their negative impact on achievement of American dream. My thesis for third essay is important because it will allow the readers to understand how immigrants are positively impacting the economical, social, and political and other aspects in America and what are some negative consequences of these changes in American dream. The problems while writing the third essay will be about discussing the negative consequences of immigrants on social, economical and political aspect of American dream because different people have different views about the impacts of immigrants on American

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