Examples Of Classical And Operant Conditioning

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Using different method, strategies and conditions in teaching has become very often and vital because of its benefits and easiness. Behaviorism is also a condition that a lot of teachers use while teaching.
Behaviorism is the observing and studying of the external behavior of a living being, and behavior is the response of an organism to a stimuli. Under behaviorism, there will be may other ways that could be used in teaching. And in this essay I will be talking about Classical and Operant conditioning.
In Classical conditioning learning something come by involuntary actions that will have an impact on the things that happens before the stimuli is released. In this, first an unconditional stimulus will be produced and then this stimulus will produces a response which is known
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This is also an effective way that a teacher could apply to change the student’s behavior for good. (Anandamahto , 2015)
Punishment come is two, punishment by application (adding) and punishment by the removal of something pleasurable. The example I mentioned above is an example of punishment by removal.
Punishment by application, which is the response when something unpleasable is added for example making the students write the answers repeatedly when they got some questions wrong from an exam.
This way the students would try their best to score good grades in exam to avoid writing something repeatedly for like fifty times. But in my opinion, it is much better to use verbal reinforce on students because it will really motivate the student when they are praised a lot and the students who hears the praises would want to be praised and try their best to achieve a certain goal. Opposite of that, a
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