Consumer Spending Throughout The Seasons Essay

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Consumer Spending Throughout the Seasons.
We are heading towards the season of spending, black Friday is just around the corner, with that exactly 31 days after we have Christmas. Consumer spending should be at an all-time high right, with month long sales and new deals everyday as coined with the popular shopping destinations. Now we all agree that there are four seasons throughout the year, we have the spring equinox, summer solstice, fall equinox, winter solstice. In most firms, they also have something called a fiscal year and that can be broken down into 4 quarters. Consumers are always spending throughout the year, those spending habits change with the flow of seasons.
Corporate Fiscal and Seasonal Information
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On the bottom of the tier list we have stuff like food, water, warmth and rest. As we go higher on the list we find more psychological needs ones that can be acquired by spending. (Maslow, 1943). Now you may be wondering why I bring up psychology in an economics essay and to that I say marketing which I will explain how in ties in later. Wants would be and can be anything, more expensive foods could be a want, more clothing could be a want. If we look at figure 1 you can see consumption from the three basic needs food, clothing and housing. The most interesting thing we can see from the graph is that nothing stands out as being a dominate quarterly for food and housing other than the steady rise in spending with yearly progression. Clothing as it turns out has since 2010 has always had a growth from fourth quarter to first quarter.
Quarters and Seasons Revenues Now Walmart is a good choice in my opinion for following seasonal consumer spending, that reason being is that they spend a lot of effect to carter to each season and holiday’s, they also spend a lot of time on demographics catering to each as well. To check this Google finance has a handy little tool that allows us to look at reported revenue for each quarter. It shows us that since 2006, Walmart has always had a spike in revenue

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